The Kuwait Stock Exchange rose at the close, supported by 7 sectors, with an increase in gold prices


The main indices of the Kuwait Stock Exchange closed higher during Thursday’s trading session. Supporting the rise of 7 sectors.

The Premier Market Index rose by about 0.57%, the “General” index increased by about 0.58%, and the main 50 and main indices rose by 0.43% and 0.60%, respectively, from the level of last Wednesday’s session.

The value of trading in today’s transactions reached 39.82 million dinars, distributed among 137.93 million shares, with the implementation of 11.27 thousand transactions.

The session supported an increase in 7 sectors, led by technology, by about 3.24%, while 5 sectors, led by basic materials, declined by 7.69%, and the health care sector stabilized.

At the level of stocks, 62 stocks rose, led by “Tamdeen Investment,” by 10%, while 47 stocks, led by “Boubyan Petrochemicals,” declined by about 10.15%, while the price of 16 stocks remained stable.

Gulf Bank’s stock came at the forefront of volume activity with a volume of 16.73 million shares, and “KFH” stock topped the liquidity activity with a value of 8.08 million dinars.

Gold prices in Kuwait

Gold prices stabilized in Kuwait today, after global gold continued its losses for the second day in a row, with investors awaiting important data, and despite the large jump witnessed in global prices of the precious metal and its reaching a record level during the past months.

Gold prices in Kuwait today

The price of a gram of 21 carat gold in Kuwait

The price of a gram of 21 carat gold was about 20.45 dinars.

The price of 24 carat gold in Kuwait

The price of a gram of 24 karat gold was about 22,891 dinars.

The price of 18 carat gold in Kuwait
The price of a gram of 18 carat gold was about 17,209 dinars.

The price of 22 carat gold in Kuwait
The price of a gram of 18 carat gold was about 21.03 dinars.

The price of a kilo of gold reached 22,941.13 Kuwaiti dinars.

Gold price globally

In a related context, the global price of an ounce reached $2,336.

On the other hand, global gold prices witnessed a recovery during Thursday’s trading in an attempt to compensate for the losses that gold incurred during the previous sessions, which pushed it to record its lowest level in a week. This comes as gold maintains its gains ahead of the main data issued by the US economy this week.

The main reason behind the decline in gold prices over the past two days is the rise in the levels of the US dollar, which yesterday recorded its highest levels in two months against a basket of major currencies. Which pushed gold to decline further in light of the inverse relationship between them.

The rise in US dollar levels supports the significant decline witnessed by the Japanese yen, which reached its lowest levels since 1986 at above the level of 160.00 yen per dollar, which supports the levels of the US dollar.

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